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The Secret to Being Better

Carmine Gallo, Harvard instructor, keynote speaker, and author of The Bezos Blueprint, had an essay recently shared in titled “In 1 Sentence, Scottie Scheffler's Caddie Unlocks the Secret to Being Wise and Rich.” It’s excellent and his points are precisely why my wife, son, and other fellow AYM High Consultants coaches and I have dedicated so much time to doing what we can to assist small business owners in becoming better versions of themselves, as well as turning their business into better versions of their core strengths.

Carmine focuses the article on Ted Scott, caddy to PGA golfer Scottie Scheffler…and one quite accomplished golfer in his own right. Scott is a recreational golfer, not a pro like those he caddies for, but in spending time with the pros he does all that he can to learn from them: the best of the best. Ted said, “If you want to get better at something, find people who are better than you and spend time with them.”

In the article, Carmine also shares a quote from business mogul Warren Buffet: “It’s very important in life to associate with people who are better than you are.” And, while we don’t want to quantify people as inherently better than anyone else, the point Warren and Ted are both making is that, if we want to become better at a certain skill, whether that’s a skill in Ted’s world like golfing or in Warren’s world like business development and growth, it’s incredibly important to recognize that you can’t do it alone. Our own strengths, knowledge, and self motivation can only take us so far, but to go to the next level you need a mentor, coach, guide, accountability partner, and source of inspiration.

At AYM High Consultants, we’ve been in the printing, shipping, mail, and business center industry for a combined total of nearly a century between our five coaches. We’ve operated six- and seven-figure businesses and have each grown our respective operations from one person start-ups to six- and seven-figure enterprises, employing lots of team members, and meeting the needs of our guests and clients above and beyond any expectations. As I often say, we “make the mundane extraordinary” in our spaces and blow the socks of other more mediocre businesses in our spaces.

One statement Carmine made really hit home to me: “I enjoy spending as much time as possible with people who can teach me something--especially if we're in the same or a complementary field. For example, there are business authors who are better writers than I am, but I can improve my skills by reading their work and asking them questions about their processes.” 

My family’s success is not because we knew everything inherently on our own, but because we learned the very valuable lesson of finding those who had been in the business longer than us, meeting with them at industry events, taking classes, finding mentors, inviting experts to visit us and share with us, and having extra sets of eyes looking at our operations to identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and time wasters so we became much more polished, efficient, focuses, and able to meet—and exceed—our market’s needs. As a result, we grew significantly and exponentially and now are so humbled, honored, and privileged to be able to share some of what we’ve learned with our own clients through AYM High Consultants.

Have you found experts to follow? Have you reached out to see how much growth could be possible once you release yourself from your own limitations and bring a coach onto your team to take things to the next level and beyond? You’ll not only be surprised by what is possible, but the new levels of excellence you’ll discover will reap rewards for years to come and set you up for incredible success.

Give it a shot. Incredible opportunity awaits!

Fahim Mojawalla is the Motivation and Mission Lead at AYM High Consultants. He loves what he does and would love to show you how to make 21st century sales and marketing easy, simply by being authentic, appreciative, respectful, responsive, empathetic, collaborative, and all-around awesome. Along with his wife Seema, he is an effervescent co-owner of Island Ship Center, the Spa of Shipping. #FahimFix



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