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Consulting the mail and business center industry since 2016

AYM High Consultants Vision Statement 


AYM High Consultants empowers and uplifts our clients through expert mentorship and accountability, providing customized strategies, innovative solutions, and unwavering support to foster unparalleled growth and success. Guided by our team of seasoned industry specialists, we ignite innovation and cultivate lasting 21st century business relationships to elevate and propel our clients to new heights of achievement, setting new benchmarks of excellence in the mail and business center industry.

Small Business Mentors,

Accountability Partners

Avoid the many pitfalls and challenges of owning a mail and business center. At AYM High, we analyze your store and implement a custom tailored plan that you can execute on.

Whoever travels without a guide, needs 200 years for a two day journey.     


When you work with the team at AYM High, trust that you are in good hands:

A Dream Team

Over nine decades of combined experience in the shipping industry.

Industry Members

Active AMBC members and premium members of RSA since 2015.

FedEx Spotlight

Owners of a top three  "mentor" spotlight store on

We've worked with stores around the nation.


Concrete Wall

From Mary Bray,

PakMail Thorpe Lane

San Marcos, Texas

I first met Seema and Fahim at a PostalMate® event in Houston, Texas in early 2018 when I had first purchased my franchise store and was trying to learn more about this industry. We stayed in touch and Seema and I really clicked. They offered to help me any time I needed with tips and guidance, and as I had issues come up I would reach out to them and they could solve issues that even my franchise and my copier lease companies couldn't figure out. The knowledge and support they offered me as I started to get into print more and more was a real break-through. We would FaceTime and Seema would demonstrate how she does things and it was incredibly helpful.


More than anything, they have been so supportive. I remember once when they told me about how they were struggling in their own business and made the decision to close their business for a long weekend to go to an AMBC event. Because of that and the support, training, network of peers, and information they received at that event, they were able to completely turn their business around. Because of that authenticity, I felt that they could completely relate to me and I could in turn be authentic with them, sometimes in tears when I would call to try to get things working. They introduced me to AMBC and between the support I got there from other store owners and the support and empathy that Seema and Fahim provided me in their ability to understand and relate to my own struggles, sharing from their own first-hand experience, I have turned my own business around.


Outside of work, we've become good friends and I can't say enough good about them. There's no other way about it. When I was able to visit their store, seeing their amazing team and what they've built was incredibly inspiring. They aren't afraid to share their struggles, how they've fixed things or overcome things, and that is truly so helpful. I love that they're on my side. I now know I wouldn't have traded that struggling moment I had for anything, because it introduced me to them, to Yusuf, to Marty, to Steve, and to so many other mentors that I've now gained in this industry, and that opened up the door to a bright future. 

Are you ready to soar?

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Client Success Stories: Hear What Our Clients Say

Steve Merrick and Fahim Mojawalla visited my store and it was everything I expected. Make sure you have a pad and paper or laptop and notes app ready from the very moment they set foot in the store because if you don’t write it down or catch the suggestions, comments, observations, or tasks they dole out immediately, you will miss them, and these come throughout the whole time they are visiting!

I knew I was on the right track with turning my store around. In the five years since I took over I had tripled our revenue, but I was at a point that the curve to keep taking the store to the next level was going to be a lot tougher than I had done previously. Even though I had a pretty good idea what I needed to do, Fahim and Steve confirmed it for me that I needed to expand into the printing market bigtime which will allow me to take my store to the next level, and that is exactly what I have been doing ever since their visit with their input, follow-up, and advice.

I would encourage anyone to check out their consulting offering as I highly recommend them for their experience, expertise, and sound advice. You won’t regret it.

Jess Jessen

Pack & Ship Express

El Paso, Texas 

This is exactly what I needed as a new owner in the retail shipping industry. Fahim and Yusuf are a pleasure to work with and bring a vast wealth of knowledge that would have taken years to learn on my own. I highly recommend them to anyone that needs guidance as new owners or have been in the industry for years and looking to expand their business. I highly suggest that you bring a list of questions, as I did, to get the most out of the time you have with Fahim and Yusuf. You will not be disappointed after you walk out of your meeting with them as you will definitely gain more than your expectations. And don't be afraid to ask what you really want answers to because their goal is to ensure you are headed in a profitable direction with your business.

Eric Suen

Major Mailbox N Shipping Plus

Middletown, New York

I've had the pleasure of collaborating with Yusuf on few projects, during which I've had the opportunity to delve into his insightful perspectives on the shipping industry. Yusuf stands out as a forward-thinking individual, unburdened by traditional industry norms. His innovative approach to the shipping sector reflects a fresh and progressive vision, and I admire his fearless commitment to implementing novel ideas.


One aspect that particularly impressed me was Yusuf's astute understanding of customer service challenges and his ability to craft effective resolutions. His dedication to enhancing customer experiences sets him apart, making him a valuable asset in any professional endeavor.

Nasir Piracha
The Mailing Point

Plano, Texas

 I just finished up, an in-store visit  from AYM High consultants - Steve, Fahim, & Yusuf. 
What I have received this past weekend will be a game-changer for my business. Steve, Fahim, & Yusuf were professional and very insightful. I was given a lot of great advice,  a list of vendors to contact that will  definitely increase my store's customer count and gross sales. I can’t put into words how badly I needed this in-store visit.

They helped with my social media presence, provided a  strategic pricing and business operations plan, and I even received a POS audit.  I now have all the tools to become a successful  store owner and take my business to the next level. Because of the accountability that AYM High has, I even have a to-do list that I have to get through next week.

 Whether you just started your business or are looking to take it to the next level, definitely check out  AYM High Consultants. They can help get you there.

Jim Chalmers

The Postal Xpress

Langhorne, Pennsylvania

We are very thankful to Fahim for his guidance and mentorship in helping us kickstart our new business. Within a month of opening our business, we are already receiving a tremendous response and feedback from customers. Our business has accumulated numerous 5-star reviews from customers praising our quality of service. 


I highly recommend Aym High consultancy services for any new business or for those businesses who want to grow exponentially. Receiving guidance from industry experts definitely shortens the learning curve and benefits the business greatly!

Zain Ali
Shipping World

Elmont, New York

Good morning good morning... Beautiful day to be traveling with our laptops and notes engaged!! There are not enough words to express our heartfelt thankfulness for the phenomenal training and absolutely wonderful hospitality to us!! It by far exceeded our expectations..way above & beyond!! 

Thank you for believing in us and being such  awesome motivators!! 

HUGE shout-out to your beautiful, kind,  wonderful so patient wife 🥰 the one on one time spent with us and so openly sharing EVERY little thing with us and answering the endless questions can't even be put into words.. few people are blessed with one of those qualities let alone ALL of them ❤️ 

Your entire family, Yusuf, Jasmine, Steve, and Marty truly humbled us with their gracious welcome and endless support, encouragement and vast knowledge!! 

I am truly truly humbled from the whole experience...I don't know if you heard Steve ask me about half way thru the first day if I was benefiting thus far? I told him that I learned more about myself than anything at that point - invaluable!!  Thank you🤗

Y'all are a part of our family now and will always hold a very special place in our hearts not just for the fabulous weekend and hospitality more importantly for being the wonderful down to earth, did I say wonderful folks that you all are! We would be honored to call you our friends! 




Robin Taylor 
Postal Annex
Greenville, North Carolina

Join Us 

Saturday, August 31, and Sunday, September 1, 2024,

AYM High Consultants will be hosting a mini-summit at Island Ship Center in Grand Island, New York, and we’d love if you could attend!

We’ll have a maximum of seven stores attending, and we want those seven stores to be those who will benefit the most and also be able to collaborate the most with each other to share, learn, and grow together.

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