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Generational Thinking in The Workplace

I recently read an article in Business Insider titled The End of Workplace Loyalty. The article epitomizes the gap between generational thinking, with boomers and Gen X on one side and millennials and Gen Z on the other.

The article expresses that generational thinking effects the actions of each generation and contributes to the main workplace situation found all across America today, especially in small businesses where owners (usually boomers or Gen X) claim and complain that they cannot find suitable, proper, loyal employees anymore. However, the employees then state that they are not being treated fairly or properly by the employers and so there’s no incentive for them to show up or work properly in these jobs. These employees are usually millennials or Gen Z.

A new management philosophy was born in the nineties, as a result of globalization in which transactional thinking on the part of managers prevailed and workers let job security consequently dwindle. Aki Ito said, “Companies replaced pensions with 401(k)s, forced employees to shoulder a greater share of healthcare premiums, scrapped supplemental health insurance for retirees, and started relying on external hires rather than training and promoting from within.”

With proper store visits from AYM High Consultants, we can assist in finding the right balance for your store—allowing employers to recognize the need to change their hiring mindset for the 21st century and the employees to properly communicate their needs and priorities when working for a small business.

Fahim Mojawalla is the Motivation and Mission Lead at AYM High Consultants. He loves what he does and would love to show you how to make 21st century sales and marketing easy, simply by being authentic, appreciative, respectful, responsive, empathetic, collaborative, and all-around awesome. Along with his wife Seema, he is an effervescent co-owner of Island Ship Center, the Spa of Shipping. #FahimFix



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