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Leadership's Trademarks

Updated: Mar 30

If you’re not yet familiar with Simon Sinek, stop what you’re doing and order his bestseller, Start With Why. Watch his Ted Talk too, as you’ll certainly leave both inspired and ready to rethink the basic, most fundamental purpose of not only your business but your personal mission as well. His other books, including The Infinite Game and his short graphic book, Together Is Better, are also gems that you need in your library.

I’ve followed Simon for years. Seema, Marty, and I have also heard him speak at a conference and we are totally on board with his teachings and the innumerable, simple, fundamental lessons he is constantly sharing. Recently, I was inspired again by something he shared about the true trademarks of a great leader. They are:

1) View leadership as a commitment to service, embracing roles both as leaders and

followers Yusuf and I discussed this recently. We can never consider ourselves to be above any menial task, like taking out the trash or cleaning the bathroom. Our response to work sets the tone for our team.

2) Foster an infinite mindset, prioritizing the collective vision over individual achievements. This prepares all businesses for legacy, not finite gain.

3) Lead by example, showing humility and openness to collaboration and learning. This last point is essential. Leaders are not above their coworkers, but rather they are there to work together with them, learn from them, and grow alongside them.

In Together Is Better, his short, impactful, beautifully illustrated and perfect for the end table at your office book, Simon shared two quotes that we have often gone back to to keep us on track both at our own business, Island Ship Center, and through our coaching with AYM High Consultants:

"Leadership is not about being in charge. Leadership is about taking care of those in your


"Leadership is not a rank or position to be attained. Leadership is a service to be given."

Fahim Mojawalla is the Motivation and Mission Lead at AYM High Consultants. He loves what he does and would love to show you how to make 21st century sales and marketing easy, simply by being authentic, appreciative, respectful, responsive, empathetic, collaborative, and all- around awesome. Along with his wife Seema, he is an effervescent co-owner of Island Ship Center, the Spa of Shipping. #FahimFix



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