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Yusuf is an ambitious, gregarious, and thoughtful go-getter who takes his roles as husband, brother, son, grandson, nephew, coach, referee, mentor, writer, editor, and manager very seriously. With a fresh summa cum laude MS in organizational leadership from Medaille University, along with a magna cum laude BBA in international studies from the same, he’s armed with knowledge, fueled with purpose, and compelled by experience and hope to make a difference in a world that so desperately needs empathy, positivity, collaboration, and inspiration.

Currently, Yusuf manages a thriving family business, overseeing a growing team of professional packing, shipping, and printing specialists at Island Ship Center (ISC) in Grand Island, New York. ISC is not just an award-winning business, but it also serves as an industry leader and training center for independent retail shipping, mail, and business centers across the country. Twice, ISC has hosted national industry events, with entrepreneurs traveling from states afar to learn from Yusuf and his colleagues about best practices and, above all, their specialty: building relationships.

Yusuf’s experience in other spaces has reinforced his belief that business, life, and all things good come down to relationships. It’s about quality over quantity; long-term clientele over one-and-done; compassion over transaction. He carries this core value into his work as a highly-demanded certified NCAA soccer referee, as well as into work he’s done with consulting and mentoring with other independent shipping business owners and team members through the non-profit Association of Mail & Business Centers, learning international trade logistics with Cole International, and his writing and contributions to the industry-leading shipping publication, MBC Today.

In the beginning of 2024, Yusuf and his parents and business partners, Seema and Fahim, launched AYM High Consultants, pooling their talents and diverse specialties together with collaborators to uplift and assist other businesses not only in their home industry of mail and business centers, but across industries and business sizes to reinforce missions, hone best practices, and keep big pictures top of mind while making smaller decisions.

Volunteering and giving back is important to Yusuf, and he tries to give as much time as he can in many different spaces, including at his local mosque setting up interfaith dinners and helping Muslim youth with careers and sports programs and with the Buffalo Nomads Youth Group coordinating trips and giving opportunities to financially disadvantaged youth and adults from all different cultures, ethnicities, and walks of life.

Fluent in Urdu as well as his native English, Yusuf also has a working knowledge of Arabic, Spanish, Mandarin, and Japanese. He’s both an accomplished and engaging public speaker, with a charismatic and relatable style much like that of his industry leader father, Fahim, who is often asked to present and participate in panels at industry conferences across the country multiple times a year; Yusuf’s mother, Seema, is a successful entrepreneur as well, in addition to being a sought-after industry voice of reason and innovation, and it’s Yusuf’s honor and privilege to learn from both of his extra special parents daily, and be a friend and support to his four amazing siblings.

Yusuf stays calm in the face of adversity and has learned many valuable lessons throughout working in his family’s business from a young age. His collaborative style and resilient optimism shine through, especially when team meetings get overly passionate.

It’s Yusuf’s mission to inspire, encourage, and uplift those with whom he interacts, to constantly listen and learn from others, and to make a positive, indelible impression and impact on his communities, industries, and shared world; he welcomes opportunities to share what he can with those who need it, and to receive lessons that will allow him to continue to grow.

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