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Island Ship Center

On Labor Day weekend, Saturday, August 31, and Sunday, September 1, 2024, AYM High Consultants will be hosting a mini-summit at Island Ship Center in Grand Island, New York, and we’d love if you could attend!

We’ll have a maximum of seven stores attending, and we want those seven stores to be those who will benefit the most and also be able to collaborate the most with each other to share, learn, and grow together.

Saturday, August 31, and Sunday, September 1, 2024

We will be covering a wide range of topics, not the least of which being:

- Developing relationships with guests, clients, communities, and drivers
- Best practices on greeting, serving, and inviting guests back
- Converting drop-offs into dollars through cross-selling strategies, signage, conversation, and out-of-the-box offerings
- Developing PMBs and growing this important profit center
- New profit centers, including fulfillment, storage, and more
- Print workshops and demonstrations, including samples and hands-on training
- POS work and maximizing your online tools
- Fingerprinting
- Virtual mailboxes
- Understanding break-evens, margins, mark-ups, and profit maximization
- Efficiency exercises to maximize time and minimize headache
- AMBC and RS industry associations and their benefits in networking, resources, training, and more, including the newly launched AMBC-U online training platform
- Packing techniques, tips, tricks, and hands-on training
- Allowing clients and guests to make the decisions with our roles as their guides to the best options
- The importance of understanding value in service and selling our expertise and specialization
- Upselling and pricing from high to low, including how to set up POS screens to reflect best options first
- Trade printers 4over, Zoo Printing, and more
- Discount Labels company infomration and resources
- Shredding
- Retail items, boutique mentalities, and upping ticket price through add-ons
- Finding local specialized retail and partnering with local artisans and artists
- Growing packing service by finding new packaging clients
- Canva for graphic design assistance
- In-store slideshow demonstrations and guidance for effectiveness
- Signage in-store and outside store maximization, professionalization, and impact
- The importance of clear, concise messaging online and in print
- Marketing, advertising, and social media
- Store uniforms and the importance of professionalism
- Package and pallet receiving procedures and contracts
- PMB contract work
- Hotel pickups and how to capitalize on these ever-important relationships
- Merchandising and display ideas and inspiration
- Local networking, including the importance of the Chamber of Commerce
- Roleplay at the counter with best practices in how to tackle tough questions and give professional and honest answers
- Exit strategy and how to set yourself up for retirement and the next generation taking over your business
- And, of course, amazing meals and a guided trip by your hosts to see Niagara Falls!

We already have a discount link to our hotel, DoubleTree in Niagara Falls, New York, and it will be made available to those who sign up. A special rate of $159/night has been gifted by our friends at the DoubleTree just for us, with a special link for reservations here.

(Disclosure from DoubleTree: “Notice the rate is $170.00 and not $159.00 on that site. Hilton mandates us to disclose our 7% destination fee upfront online. Everyone pays it in the end. It's part of the 21% tax rate.)

All meals for the two days of the summit will be included. The cost per store will be just $4,995.00, which includes up to two attendees from each store; if additional attendees from a store are desired, we can add them on for just $1,000.00 each. Fahim is personally guaranteeing business growth strategies that will more than double your spending on your first day.


We hope to see you on Labor Day weekend in Grand Island, New York! Let’s soar!

With excitement, enthusiasm, effervescence, and elation,


Fahim, Yusuf, Seema, Steve, and Marty

Our agenda is in the works, but all five (Fahim, Yusuf, Seema, Steve, and Marty) AYM High coaches will be on hand for the event to teach and guide, with special guests lined up for extra content and inspiration.

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