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Dumpster Delight

Updated: Apr 5

Here’s a sentence I didn’t imagine myself writing: I just had the most delightful experience with a dumpster!

As I’ve mentioned recently, I’m in the process of getting my house ready to list. Part of that process includes the need for a dumpster for some renovation scrap, as well as to purge some accumulations from many years in the shipping and storage business that have piled up in my garage.

A few years ago, I had to rent a dumpster for another project. I shopped around and came across a company that blew its competitor out of the water on price—nearly half of what the big go-to garbage conglomerate in our area was charging. So, I went with Bellisario. I remember it being a very good experience and that they were very easy to work with, so for this current dumpster rental I went back to them.

Let me tell you, this time I was not only impressed by a very good experience, but it’s safe to say I was quite surprised and delighted by the ease, rates, and overall positive vibes I got from renting a big metal box. My colleague, friend, and mentor Fahim has a tagline in his mission that he aims to “make the mundane extraordinary,” and I feel like Bellisario must share that same directive.

The Bellisario website was so easy to use and book a dumpster, with clear options, fair and up-front pricing, and an outlined process that makes even the most dumpster-unfamiliar people feel comfortable. After booking, a few days later I got a call at a reasonable morning 10 a.m. hour (something so important, yet often so overlooked by early-morning businesses like those in the construction field tend to be) from the most chipper person I think I’ve ever received a call from, telling me he was outside with the dumpster and just wanted to be sure he placed it in the spot I preferred it to be in. I was home, so I went outside to wave at the driver as he dropped the dumpster exactly on target, considering easy of loading and back panel opening, and couldn’t help but keep a ridiculous grin on my face because of the overarching joy that this dumpster deliverer shared. Is it weird to say that I’m thoroughly looking forward to filling it up this week? To top it off, the dumpster is like super new and super clean; I don’t think I’ve ever seen a dumpster in such great shape!

Being a small business owner for many years, I believe strongly in supporting local when possible, as well as uplifting those companies whose service and fairness is top-notch. So, I just must share how pleased I am with Bellisario. This likely is my last Ithaca-area dumpster rental, but for any of my friends still in the Finger Lakes region, if you ever need to haul away some trash, please give them a shot. You will be both surprised and delighted.

And for those who are wondering what the secret sauce is in business, as is a question I get asked a lot in my coaching, it's really quite simple. Take my friend Fahim's advice and "make the mundane extraordinary." Surprise and delight your guests and clients with an experience that they will not just enjoy, but they'll want to share with others. Do your best...and then some. Go above and beyond. Provide more value than expected. Be relationship-oriented and not focused on one-and-done transactions. With that, you can join the ranks of Bellisario in finding huge success...and sleeping soundly at night, knowing that in your little area you're making a big difference, putting positivity into a world that so desperately needs it, and being a very good neighbor.

Marty Johnson is the Communication and Vision Coach at AYM High Consultants, a columnist, and an editor, producing the mail and business center industry's leading magazine, MBC Today. In 2023, he sold his popular and growing brand, Uncle Marty’s Shipping Office, and retired from shopkeeper life to focus on writing and coaching. Subscribe to his Ask Uncle Marty™ newsletter and read more at; follow him on socials @askunclemarty. #AskUncleMarty

This article was co-published on the AYM High blog and on April 2, 2024.



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