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Platinum Package


Services to be provided:

While not the complete list, the following key areas and services will be covered and addressed at great length:

  • Two of our coaches will spend two consecutive eight-to-nine-hour days at your business on one weekend. Then, two of our coaches will spend another two consecutive eight-to-nine-hour days at your business on another weekend. That's a total of four of our coaches* visiting, two on each of two weekends!

  • Monthly Accountability Package with monthly accountability calls for six months after the store visits are completed.

  • Business operations plan (includes specific actions for planning, implementation, and future profitability of your store).

  • Guest service plan.

  • Store display plan.

  • Review and training of the POS system (Coaches experienced in PostalMate® and ShipRite)

  • Customer counter procedures.

  • Review hazardous materials protocols.

  • Extensive review of drop-off procedures.

  • Advice and training to implement a successful, revenue-generating printing service.

  • Review and develop a strategic pricing plan.

  • Provide an extensive start-up list of equipment needs and estimated costs (new stores).

  • Develop a marketing plan, including digital marketing strategies.

  • Assist in creating a social media plan.

  • Assist in establishing carrier and vendor accounts.

  • A full review and discussion of over 30 profit center ideas and services in the print, shipping, mail, and business center industry.

  • Our (four coaches coming to see you) travel expenses are included within the contiguous United States for this package.

  • And more!

Four of our coaches* will come to you (two on each of two two-day weekends) to see exactly where your business sits, identifying opportunities and challenges, getting to know your market, assessing your space for best usage, discussing hiring and firing and team building to best maximize talent and roles, and sharing lots of ideas and inspiration to pivot, adjust, fine tune, rethink, polish, and expand your offerings to best meet the needs of your guests and clients. We'll consult on best practices and be frank about what we see, so make sure you're looking forward to some positive course changes in order to truly reach your true potential. 

*Note that while most clients will see four different coaches over the two weekend visits, some cases may require the same coach or coaches to come back on the second visit instead of two fresh coaches. In any case, all five of our coaches with five very special strengths will be available to consult each other and find the best mix to meet your individual needs, based on our expert recommendations.

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