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Visit Our Store Add-On


Come see us in Grand Island! Discover how we've chosen to thrive in the business desert of the Buffalo / Niagara Falls area in which we are located--an area with exorbitantly high taxes and a high rate of small business failure. But, not us. Our near-seven-figure business is blossoming, which is why we are now doing consulting and sharing our secrets to success. See how our simple seven main business focuses have allowed us to let go of unnecessary time-sucking items so that we can grow and be excellent at our top specialties.


With your visit to the AYM High Consultants main office and adjacent industry shining star store, Island Ship Center, coaches will spend two days with you and you'll be able to shadow their outstanding team in daily operations, have dedicated one-on-one time with at least two of our AYM High coaches, and dig in to ask questions, explore your potential, share ideas, and be able to see the ins and outs of a highly successful mail and business center…and what could be possible at yours! When you see something in action, it makes all the difference.


This package includes twelve hours of visit time over two days, averaging six hours per day, with guidance from at least two of our coaches. One day's lunch is included, as well as a visit to Niagara Falls! Your travel expenses are not included. Additional add-on hours / days could be available upon request and consideration.

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